So very many people have contributed to this project that it is a serious challenge to mention them all. Please forgive any names left off this list. The omission was unintentional and entirely the author’s fault.

From Rebuild Foundation: Theaster Gates, Dayna Kriz & Charlie Vinz. From the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts: Dean Carmen Colangelo, Dean Bruce Lindsey & Dean Buzz Spector. From Most Holy Trinity: Rev. Richard H. Creason, Dr. Ann Russek & Kim Lenz. From the Cornerstone Cafe: Dan & Denise Ulmer. From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: J.B. Forbes. From St. Louis Magazine: Stephanie Russell & Zakea Boerger. From CEL: Jasmin Aber. From Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice: Barbara Finch, Mary Clemons & Chery Green. From The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts: Lisa Harper Chang, Emily Augsburger & Emily Pulitzer. From the Regional Arts Commission: Roseann Weiss & Janie Ibur. From the AIA: Michelle Swatek, Doris Danna and Charlie Danna.

This book would not exist were it not for the contributions of 118 individuals who had faith in the value of this program. I cannot begin to explain the incredible humility your support has engendered in me. Our Kickstarter Backers grouped by their contribution levels:

$500+ Scott Raimist

$100+ brimicdon, Jamie Cannon, Frank Curtis, Barbara Finch, John C. Guenther, Justin Mitchell, Darrell McMillian, William Schawacker, stlhiphop, Roseann Weiss, Jesse Windels & Ben Zalasky.

$50+ Alicia Ajayi, Michael Allen, Scott Anderson, Kyrle Boldt III, Jeffrey Bumb, Mary Clemons, Cheryl Green, Gina Hilberry, Hilary Hitchcock, Cindy Lefton, Julie Longyear, Loulie, Marjie, Bonnie O’Neill, Leslie Przybylek, James Rehill, Ray & Molly Schneider, Deborah Stewart & Mary Ann Tipton.

$25+ Jean Albus, Ellen Beeson Chapman, Charles Bell, Terri Bell, Suzanne Bolten, Therese Brown, Kirby Burkholder, Michael Byrd, Linda Carey, Sarah Christiansen, Duane Cook, Tom Freeman, Jennifer Fuller, Todd Jordan, Chris Hayes, Ann Haubrich, George Hazelrigg, Steve Houldsworth, Jennifer Hultz, Matthew Hurst, Lynn, kamrasp, MaryAnn, Rebecca McDonald, James Moran, Linda M. Nance, Irene Nigaglioni, Michael Powers, Rita Parida, New Village Press, Sue Pruchnicki, Mustafa Sakarya, Tamika Taylor Liddell, Scott Waterman & Gina Williams.

$10+ Jocelyn M Anderson, Emily Aul, Don Crozier, Jeff Curto, Kate Drabinski, Cris Dupont, Ben Hoffmann, Jessica Hoffmann, Alicia Hottle, Walt Jacobs, Jahara, keaggy, Caren Libby, Colin Lovett, Harreld E. Nance, Bridget O’Brien, Dionna Raedeke, Cathy Spalding, Ohala Ward & Paula Wirth.

A variety of online resources are referenced throughout this book. Following are websites containing the pertinent information (add the “http://” at the beginning of each address). As we understand that websites addresses are not permanent, we’ll endeavor to update links on the website developed in connection with this program:

We all have to thank the parents and families of the children in the Urban Expressions program. Their sacrifices make good things possible and offer their offspring a sense of hope, love and faith. Thank you for the opportunity to work with these special children. There is a higher power guiding all of our efforts.

– Andrew Raimist,

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